Monday, 3 July 2017

Wk science journal  wk 4

This term we are learning about
A trebuchet. A trebuchet is type of
Catapult, we are learning what are some the forces you can use on this type of catapult.

I noticed that the more weight we used the further it went .
For example
If I added 13 weights, it would go further then if I added 9
weights. It is very easy to the string hold it in place. I would think that the wood was heavier. We tried different weights .
We used two different balls, the first ball we used was a tennis ball. The second ball was a hockey ball. I noticed the first ball we used went further than the second ball. I found out that when the ball was in the air
I thought that by the air pressure
the ball might go further. For example if there was no wind and your ball is flying through the
air then your ball could go further.

On a rubric I think I am relational,because I can explain the forces used on this catapult and why. Also many of
my ideas connect,I would also be able to share this to any sort of group. And not mind any feedback or opinions about this piece of writing.

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Week nine science 

We are working on flipping frogs…
Observation & inferences 
The tighter the band was, the higher the frogs flipped because it had more thrust. The smaller the card was mostly meant there was a different outcome because if you used a big piece of card you couldn't use a small rubber band. We did a competition for highest jumping frog and best looking frog.

We are working on slingshot rockets…
Observations & inferences :
When you didn't use feathers your rocket went further. Also it was easier when you cut the band of the slingshot to make it wider. Most of us found it hard when the straw bent. Some people used two 
If you want a better fire it depends on the air resistance. 

We are working on angle launcher…
Observations & inferences :
My class thinks that the best angle is 45•. When the angle is high or low the ball wouldn't go far. From our observations the best range was short range (for inside ), long range (for outside) and medium range (for either). I inferred that different angles make a different outcome.


Thursday, 22 June 2017

Trebuchet VS onager

Onager vs trebuchet

This term we have been learning about the similarities and differences between
These two catapults.

These are some similarities. We found out that they both use forces, they also both go faster with more pressure and both will hurt if you get hit.  Both have to use a string to fire and both arms curve as the ball flings away.

These are some of our differences that we found out about the trebuchet.
The trebuchet has more velocity because it has a longer arm. The trebuchet goes higher because the arm is longer and the trebuchet uses weights to get more power.

These are some differences that we found out (onager)
The onager has more velocity.  Also the onager goes lower then the trebuchet we think that it is because the onager has a shorter arm and the onager goes faster because it has more power.

Overall : We think that they are similar in a lot of ways because they both use forces.
They are different because the onager is more powerfull but the trebuchet can fire further .


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

My inquiry project

Murphy the dog (vest fit)

What is this my subject?

My inquiry subject is a sandwich board vest for a dog the sort of dog we are using I a boracolie and his name is Murphy we chose Murphy because he is usually at school for us to do the measurements
And fitting because the principal  is the owner of
Murphy. only some day Murphy is here.for us to do are work.

I think my learning is on the rubric is?

I think my learning on this rubric is relational
Because I think most of my ideas connect
And I can share my project with any sort of group
I like to take all ideas and opinions because
It makes me feel like I have something to

I am proud of ???

I am proud of the way my team has been working
I think we have made a lot of teamwork a lot of
Are measurements are perfect for the fit
All of us have made some success in
Are project we have changed some of
The ideas like how we were just
Going to have a strap  around his tummy
But we have added an cute little bow tie
For the dog and we hope that It will fit

My next steps are to???

I think we could improve this by trying all different ideas and making some new ones.
Ask for help instead of giving up and slaking
Off  helping and sharing instead of trying to be the boss of the project.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

What I play hard at

What I play hard at ? Netball skills.

As I wake up I know that today is going to be such an important day for me. Today is going to be the best day ever .I get to go to my favourite sport ( netball). I'm so excited about it because it's my first day, and I'm hoping to see some friends ,and maybe make some new ones too. The point of it is that I get to have fun .
My mother has been wanting me to do a sport for a while expect I didn't know what sort of sport I wanted to play . A few weeks ago an idea popped into my head, and mum and I made a deal . Our deal was that I could choose to play netball if I would contribute every Monday. I go to a netball skills programme called Motivations and I love it .Every now and then I will practice and learn different skills so every day I am always ready for it. As we go and arrive, I know that it will be awesome, and it is .When it has finally come to the end, I am as sweaty as a big old elephant that has just run 2k sprint.
Learning netball is one of the best activities I have tried. I think it is a great sport for both genders, because there are different versions and skills you can learn and try.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Elia ahua

I am poam

I am a stretched limousine,every
Door you open is a wonderful surprise.
With  a great adventure ,coming
you're way.

I am a small cramped old cottage, with
Different unique ideas ,that I can easily
Share to any sort of group .

I am a crazy fun ripstik ,always wanting to go my own way,
At my own paste.

 I am a ripe fresh kiwifruit ,with seeds that have great ideas ,popping out
the side ,like crazy .m

I am hot spicy Mexican taco, flaming
Out with great enthusiasm ,always
ready to go.

I am a brand new comfy coat , trying to find my own way along life.

Ko Elia ahau
I am Elia